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Increase the search engine rankings of your PrestaShop online store
We have been working on the PrestaShop platform for years, we know it very well and can promote any store that is based on it. When it comes to positioning your store, we rely on the experience of our specialists on the one hand, and on progressive and scalable strategies on the other. Do you want to be high in Google search? Do you want your store on PrestaShop not only to compete with the biggest, but to systematically grow and gain customer recognition? Welcome to 4PIXEL and know that you have come to the right place! PrestaShop positioning is a pleasure for us!
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The first few steps to PrestaShop positioning

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You want to increase the visibility of your PrestaShop store On the Internet?

Choose effective PrestaShop search engine positioning!
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Positioning of PrestaShop online stores

What does PrestaShop positioning look like in our performance?

Step 1

Talking to the customer

Without conversation and collaboration, there is no success in the e-commerce sector.

During the initial conversation, we will get to know your needs and the goals you set for your business. In turn, the better we understand them, the more effectively we will implement them for you.

Step 2

Preparation of guidelines

We don't act intuitively (although we don't lack intuition), but we always plan the next step in positioning each PrestaShop store.

It will be no different for your e-shop. So first of all, we will develop guidelines for optimization, off-site and on-site activities and prepared content, which will also not end with just selecting the most important keywords.

Step 3

Implementation of optimization

Once your online store is properly optimized, we will start working on content, link profile, etc. In other words, only after your site is technically perfect will we start working on it from an SEO perspective.

Step 4

Performance analysis

During our cooperation, we will periodically check the effectiveness of our strategy and implemented actions. In the positioning of online stores based on PrestaShop, meticulousness and flexibility count, so constant self-monitoring allows us to react and act so that your store is always one step ahead of the competition.

Step 5


When you choose 4PIXEL, you don't have to worry about getting into a situation where you don't know what's going on with your store technically. We will provide you with reports of the following periods of our activity, so you can keep your hand on the pulse. Besides, we will always be in constant contact, because success is the result of good cooperation.

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Our effectiveness?

Case study of SOFT360 store on Prestashop system
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Effective SEO efforts

See What we will do for you:

Analysis business objectives

We will get to know your business goals and, based on them, prepare an SEO strategy for you. Knowing what you expect from your store, who you are targeting and what your offer is, we will not only be able to select the right keywords for our content activities, from a single category description to publishing articles in the media, but also start effective positioning of your site. Knowing your business, its strengths and weaknesses, and your expectations, we will help you develop it to a degree that your competitors can only dream of.

Implementation SEO audit

In our opinion, proper SEO of an online store must be preceded by a thorough, multi-level SEO audit. It will point out to us possible errors on the site and give us a picture of the e-store's development potential. Thanks to this, we will know how to optimize PrestaShop software to make your e-commerce business work perfectly, and what on-site and off-site actions to implement to make its positioning effective and reach your potential customers. You can view an SEO audit as the first actual step on the road to good SEO.

Preparation of guidelines optimization

A good online store is a technically proficient site, easy to navigate and inviting to purchase. After all, there is nothing worse than a great offer, excellent promotional activities, but limping sales that are killed by technical problems. That's why your SEO supervisor, together with the head of the Department, will prepare precise optimization guidelines, which, when implemented, will ensure that Google robots and customers will have no problems with the operation of your PrestaShop store.

Implementation SEO optimization

Some say that SEO of a website starts with the implementation of optimization. This is a gross oversimplification, but not without truth. A website that has friendly URLs, a pertinent meta description, well-arranged H1 headers on individual subpages, or structured internal links is a website that will rank high in search results - if, of course, effective and therefore well-thought-out SEO activities are launched on it. In other words, optimizing your PrestaShop store will open the door for us to do more, and for you to market success.

Preparation Contentu

Successful SEO in the e-commerce sector requires not only a scalable and thoughtful strategy and exemplary technical optimization, but also high-quality content. It's content that Google's robots crawl to place a site high in search engine results, and it's content that makes a potential customer convinced to buy and become an actual customer. And good content is more than just text with apt keyword selection. Content for your PrestaShop store will be prepared by our team of copywriters, who will take into account SEO guidelines and the marketing savvy of our Content Manager. All this to make your store convincing with the quality of both products and their descriptions.

Analysis effectiveness

At 4PIXEL, we leave nothing to chance! Our actions are characterized by efficiency (of which we are proud!) and transparency, so not only will we try to carry out for you thoroughly planned actions based on the SEO strategy coined in advance, but we will carry out for you the positioning of your store, which will be constantly subjected to our internal control. Our online store promotion activities are characterized by full scalability, which allows us to respond to market trends and the actions of the competition and adjust our implementations in such a way that your online store systematically climbs up the Google search engine listings. In other words, based on professional tools that help us in positioning PrestaShop-based stores, we will conduct constant analysis of the effectiveness - to make your store unmatched in terms of SEO.
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